Finding Time to Scrap

June 25, 2007

I get asked all the time how I find time to scrap – the short answer is I have a messy house!  The longer answer is that I really NEED to scrap – it is my creative outlet – the one thing in my life that actually gets finished – one page at a time!  There will always be laundry, and  to clean and beds to make – it is a never ending cycle.  But scrapping gives me a finished product that I can feel good about and won’t get messed up again!

Even if you have only a few minutes, you can organize photos for a layout, find a sketch you love, or glance through a magazine to check out the latest and greatest.  A little more time?  Crop those photos or gather supplies together for a page so when you do have time to sit down you are ready to get creative!

Squeeze in a few minutes of creative time for yourself today! 


One comment

  1. I have been having that problem this year…zoinks. I did do a little last night until I found I needed to order a new album! Ek! Happy Scrappin!

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