Catching up!

January 10, 2008

Well, it has been an eventful week with the kids – which means a non eventful week on the blog!  One son had dental surgery – he is 8 and has Asperger’s, so dental work is a challenge!  He was a real trooper and we got thru that hurdle!  Yesterday My youngest daughter decided to try and fly off the fire pole on the playground at school and ended up with a broken ankle!  Thankfully surgery is not needed, and we even got a photo printout of the xray to scrapbook!!!  And I didn’t even ask – the tech just offered because his wife is a scrapper and he figured I would want one, too!  Love it!  Then this morning we found out our younger son- he is five and also has ASD, has only been using one eye to see and needs glasses!  Whew – a busy week!!  I guess I better do a layout about how lucky we are that there are so many talented professionals to help us!! 

 I did want to post a link to a cool site that always has great info on it!!  It is called Scrap Scene and I have added it to my blog roll – check out for lots of cool links to everything scrapping!!!

Happy day everyone!


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