February 10, 2008

Well, I didn’t fall of the face of the earth, but it has been a busy few weeks!  I survived the Dream Retreat and actually got a great deal accomplished – gotta love those page kits!!!!  I also survived the 2 hour walk home after abandoning my car in the ice and snow!  Wasn’t expecting that – but it WAS a good way to work off all that yummy food I ate!!!

I have to share some very fun news – I finally got published in a magazine!!!  YIPPEE!  It was my big goal for last year, which I didn’t achieve, but it has happened this year!  Not a big publication, but I will take it! 

Here’s the story:  I had just started subscribing to Scrapbooks, etc magazine and received my first issue last week.  I sat down at Starbucks to have a peruse and was reading the letters and WOW!  There was my layout – one that I had posted on their website and they had pulled it off for publication!!!  I was so excited – I phoned my husband, his response – “I am glad you are so excited!”  So I phoned the gals at Scrapbook Parade for a real response!!!  The layout was a Valentine theme about that same unenthusiastic husband!!!   Check out page 10 of the March issue – it’s small, but I am still happy!!! 🙂  The actual layout is posted on the Scrapbook Parade website here!  So it IS possible – even for just your average scrapper – ME ( and you, too!) Send in your submisions today! 


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