So Many Photos, so little time. . .

February 16, 2008

Sometimes I wonder why I do it to myself – I take SOOOOO many photos and I want to scrapbook them ALL!  I have liberated myself from feeling like I MUST scrap them all, but sometimes I get great photos that I love and just have to scrap them.  I am not a chronological scrapper – I scrap what I want, when I want – it gives me the freedom and the permission I need internally to really be creative and enjoy the process as much as the finished product!

I did buy myself a great little printer from Kodak – a AOI 5100 (check it out here).  Inexpensive ($70.00CAD at Staples), great quality prints, good scanning quality, and best of  all – really cheap replacement ink cartridges – I can print at home for about 16 cents per 4 x 6 inch print!  Doesn’t have every bell and whistle, but it works very well for what I need it for and you can’t beat the value, especially since my kids are always printing stuff out!!!!  Only problem – MORE PHOTOS!!!!  Yikes!

I have been working hard to develop more layout ideas for multi photo layouts, as I tend to use only one or two photos on a page and yet I love the look of a lot of photos in a clean and simple layout!  When I get a few done, I will post them  – I am hoping to get at some major scrapping tonite!  I have to finish off a few layouts for a class I am teaching at Scrapbook Parade.  It is called 24/7 and we are doing 24 clean and simple layouts in 7 hours!!!  I love the idea of getting a lot done in one day!  Happy scrapping!


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