This is what I love. . .

March 29, 2008

Continuing on in the gratitude vein – spent a day at the Marina this week – and there is nothing better than sunshine and a cup of Victoria’s finest ( Ok , so it is really Seattle’s finest, but we are only 85 km away!!



I should really scrap these, if only to drive certain friends ( who shall remain nameless!) crazy!  After all, who says no one is interested in the coffee drinking habits of a slightly neurotic 41 year old mom of four , and just who says it is weird to scrap your coffee cup?  If it is good enough for Ali Edwards, it is good enough for me!!! I know I have some Starbucks coffee bag stickers somewhere. . .

 Happy Day!


One comment

  1. Yah, you probably put the stickers in your garage sale pile, that we didn’t get first dibs on….

    Chris G

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