Goals and Resolutions!

January 12, 2009

Well, it is that time of year again!


Can you guess my goal for this year???  09-01-08_1194_edited-1

Yes, I have officially signed up for the Times Colonist 10 K run on April 26th, and over the next 15 weeks I will be “Learning to Run”. 

The weight issue aside, I want to be healthy and fit, and have more energy!  I have run in the past and loved it, so it seems time to get back on the wagon ( after jumping off to follow the ice cream truck!)

I am also eating healthy and trying to GASP! get regular sleep!  I have been sick for much of the holidays and into the New Year, and now have pnuemonia, so I am really hoping that the feeling better part will kick in soon!

My other major goal was to clean up the (s) crap room :


and I am proud to say that goal is ACHIEVED!!!


It really is great to have gotten rid of a bunch of stuff to the Scrapbook Parade Garage Sale ( and make some money for some new goodies  at our new location!)  I love just sitting and enjoying the space and it is so easy to tidy up after scrapping now!!!

What are your resolutions for your scrapping this year? Post a comment here with yours by January 14th at 9pm PST – I will select a winner for a great little goodie bag of cool scrapping stuff!

Happy Scrapping everyone!!



  1. Wow! Your room looks great! My scrappy resolution for 2009 is to make scrapping more of a priority in my life. It’s OK for me to scrap, even if the laundry isn’t done…

  2. Well, although I don’t usually make resolutions(Or I say so at the beginning of the year). I always find myself slowly making little mini goals throughout January. One of my Scrappy Goals is to really take my time on my LO’s so that I’m completely pleased with the end result. Even if it means leaving it for a few days and coming back to it.

    Congrats on the 10K!

  3. I completely agree with Nicole, I like to make scrapping more a priority. It is my way to relax and get a hold of all kinds of stuff, so it’s more than just a hobby. And I also want to finish Project 365 all the way till the end.

  4. Since Im new with scrapbooking, my new year’s resolution is to develop my skills for this new hobby and try to learn more by visiting blogsites like your for inspiration and ideas.

  5. One of mine was also to get organized in my scrap space, and I did that New Years Day (just have to keep it that way now!)… Another was to use my stash, and lastly to finish projects that I started but then lost interest in.

  6. One of my goals is to use up old supplies and purge what I am not going to use.

    Jacquelin your super clean room looks FABULOUS! Great job! Wanna help me with mine? Wink 😉

  7. i would love to have a room as nice as yours! my goal is to turn my catch-all room into a store-all room! my resolution is to organize, so bit by bit i’ve been plugging away at it!

  8. I am doing the 365 project so a picture a day and journal and scrap about it. I also want to finish my 3 mexico albums finally and to get on a DT.
    Your room looks awesome I am working on mine but know it wont stay nice for long lol

  9. I try not to make resolutions so I won’t be disappointed if I fail. LOL BUT I am trying to relax more this year and enjoy life!

  10. Very cool, thanks for all the pictures! If you guys want to check out a new up and coming scrapbooking message board. Feel free to stop by! http://scrapbookingfans.com

  11. Wow your scraproom looks awesome! I saw your post over at i-scrap and thought I would pop by and say hello! Mine would have to be to use up my suppies I already have and not shop to much til I do! (ya right lol)

  12. My goals this year are to update my website and market my services. I would love to have jobs lined up and no dry spells in between – who wouldn’t? LOL

    Love your scraproom – I know you make awesome layouts in there!

  13. My scrappy goal is to KEEP my area clean. My DH compares me to a tornado, just dropping things as I go. I cleaned the area up over the wqeek-end and Ii will give it my best effort to keep it like yhat.

  14. Does in not feel great to get that room accomplished, it looks awesome. My resolution this year is finish my Disneyland and Disney World Albums. AND to stay orginized.

  15. Wow what a great room! I started the year off right by going through all my patterned paper and sorted it by graphic, floral, etc, then did all my cardstock by colour…who the heck knew i had sooo much?? Some people collect shoes, and it would seem I collect paper. All my ribbons got put on funny little rolls to keep it nice and I purchased a cool little gadget holder from the store to hold all my bits and peices. I don’t get to the store much right now but once you move to MY neck of the woods I’ll be happening like no ones business! My resolution is to focus on finishing pages complete with all journalling in place and not leaving it ’till later’… I look forward to spending more time at the store – look out Midnight Crops!!! Look out Debra – I’ll be back!!!
    Good luck with your running – you can do it!

  16. Well I guess my previous comment did not make it through. My scrappy goals for the new year are to get caught up on my work related scrappin. Also want to do 4 lo for my self per month and start on my niece and nephews scrapbooks.

  17. Your craft room looks great!! I reorganized my craft area too and was happy to find some supplies I had totally forgoton about. My goal this year is to use up more of my supplies and let go of supplies that I do not use.

  18. your room looks awesome, and that is my major goal is to organize an my minor goal is to scrap a whole lot more!

  19. My scrappin goal for this year is to scrap the1998 Canadian jr curling championships my twin daughters were in. If I get it done there will be no need to tidy my room or rearrange pictures papers purchased since the day we came home and oh the space I will have for stuff from the new store opening in my neck of the woods.
    See ya soon

  20. Goals for 2009? I make lots of them and then forget them (I am losing my noodle, after all).

    I hope to do more scrapbooking, more laughing, more walking the dog, taking pictures for no reason at all and keeping in touch with friends.

    Your energy is boundless, is there anything you can’t do?

    Your room looks great, your resolve is amazing and I envy your enthusiasm! Now if I could only get you to do my place…

    Good luck with all your goals, you will succeed.

    Chris G

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