I Get to Meet the Mouse!

January 26, 2009

Guess where we are going in less than 5 weeks???

mickey1I am so excited!  Probably more than my kids, who are pretty darn excited!!!  I love Mickey and have never been to Disneyland or Disney World!  We are heading on another family adventure on March 1st!  We are there for 6 days, which should be lots of chaos and FUN!

Now I just have to get those autograph books ready!  If you know of any helpful links or ideas, please feel free to post them in the comments section!! 

Happy Day!



  1. That is so exciting Jacquelin!!!! I can’t wait to see all of the awesome layouts that come from this vacation! Don’t forget to post pics of the autograph albums whe you are finished 😉

  2. Hi,
    You mentioned to me in the store that if I ran across any ideas for the challenges to send you a post – well I saw one in a magazine the other day and it was completing your journalling in columns. It looks really neat on a page and changes the feel of it completely. Just thought I would send it on…

    And here is a little known fact about DL that we found out from a girl who worked there. Everyone get Fast Passes which tell you when to come back to a ride at a certain time – for example “between 1 and 2”. What is not known is that you can get fast past after fast past. Many people think you have to wait for the first fast past to expire before you get the next one – you don’t. My family’s trick at the park is to go in and get a bunch of fast passes at all the attractions that fill up quickly. We just run from ride to ride to ride collecting the passes and then go back and start riding. Since when you use a fast pass it takes no time at all to get in and finish the 2 min ride your fast passes remain good for at least an hour. It is not normally as busy the first hour but after that you can wait up to 90 min to get on a ride if you don’t have a fast pass. This is especially true at Spring Break. Hope you have a lovely trip…don’t forget the sunscreen!

  3. I tried doing the fast pass trick too and it didn’t work when we went in 2005. The fast pass wouldn’t scan….hmmm…maybe it has changed since then.

    Have a blast Jacquelin…you will have sooooooooooo much fun and so will the kids and Mark — LOL!!!

  4. We were there last May and had THE BEST TIME!! Frans and I were both “DisneyLand snobs’ and thought we wouldnt enjoy it —but we were so wrong!! Honestly—it was our best family trip–almost better than when we went to Italy (did I say that out loud?!)
    We loved Goofy’s Kitchen–the breakfasts were great there.
    We stayed at the hotel which was really handy
    The Rainforest Cafe is worth going to.
    The Grizzly Run in California Adventure was my favorite ride.
    We were there for five nights—but should have stayed for six like you guys.
    It was so so so so fun!! Cant wait to hear all about it!

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