Why some people shouldn’t go on Splash Mountain. . .

March 8, 2009


Please notice my attractive scream and closed eyes – yes folks – that’s sheer terror!  My 6 year old Josh, on the other hand, looks like he is out for a Sunday drive!  Only one of the many, many, many photos I have from a great trip!!  We are back from a fabulous week at Disneyland, and when I recover I will post a bit more!!!  Have I mentioned I took a ridiculous amount of photos???



  1. cant wait to hear and see all about it!!

  2. Welcome home Jacquelin.
    Looks as if you had a wild adventure. See you soon out at the new location. Joyce

  3. Woo Hoo — looks just like my photo but I think I was screaming swear words LOL!!! That ride scared me so bad I didn’t go on any other drop type rides and even at Universal Studios I wouldn’t go on the Jurassic Park ride or the Mummy ride. What a FUN time you had and I can’t wait to see all your pictures!!!

    Welcome home everyone!

  4. Oh ya, the other part of splash mountain that freaked me out was no seatbelt or strap of any kind to hold you in. All I kept thinking about was my kids flying out…how safe is it??? Scariest ride I ever went on and look at the people in the back not even hanging on!!!!!!!!!!! Scares me just looking at this photo!

  5. Wow!!! It looks like you all had a wonderful time. I can’t wait to see more photo’s.

  6. So – now you know why I did not go on that. Splash moutain, indeed! I think the water is there to cover for the wet stain in personal locations!

  7. WOW!! You have such courage to go on that ride. It looks like fun but a whole shopping bag of scrappin goodies wouldn’t have enticed me to try that ride! Lot of pictures? Fab. That means lots of layouts, eh?

  8. I loved that ride! Great photo!

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