What the heck is with Tweeting, anyway? A small rant – just a small one!

April 9, 2009

I just don’t get it.  I mean who cares if you just drank a latte, just got up, or are hung over?  I think tweeting is just too weird for me – my life is just so not that interesting that I have something to update that often.  Barack Obama – now there’s someone with something to actually tweet about.

I just don’t think we need need to know EVERY boring and insignificant detail of everyone’s life – and who has the freakin time to update??  I barely update my facebook and blogging most days is tough – although my kids think it is weird that anyone actually reads my blog.

I had to get feedjit thing to prove to them that people actually read my blog – but then again I think that is kinda funny, too.  I mean – what the heck is with groovy scrapbooker anyway??

OK that is my small rant about tweeting  – and yes,  I will probably eat my words and start tweeting someday, but not now, God, please, not now.

Happy day everyone!


One comment

  1. Oh man, do I ever agree about the Tweet-ing stuff. I feel sorry for people whose lives are so dull that they have time to enter boring stuff like that.
    I do not have time for the facebook either, and use it to check in with family for the most part.
    I spend far too much time here reading my favourite blogs, and chatting with my scrappy group.

    I have enjoyed reading about the kids and baseball and rugby – that is so cool and I am so happy you all get to go to the park and have fun together.
    What a great Mom you are.

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