Softball Season is Here!

April 20, 2009

Yes, I know it has nothing to do with scrapbooking ( aside from all the photos it generates!)  but it does take up my life at this time of year!!!  With four kids playing and one team to coach, it is pretty much all I do from now to July!!!!

Opening Day at our club – Cordova Bay in Victoria- was a lot of fun for everyone – including the first pitch & catch by the oldest (85) and youngest (5) members of the club!


It will be Joshua’s first year playing, year 3 for Ben and Emily, and year 5 for Hannah!!  It is so great to have all the kids palying this year – although it means 5 nights a week at the park!!!

I have been coaching Hannah’s team – almost the same group of girls! for 5 years!   They are 13 now and more fun and more trouble than ever!!!  Here is glimpse of some of them doing what they do best(besides playing ball, of course) – having fun and hanging out!!!


I love coaching – the girls teach me so much – and sharing my love of the game and creating a space for girls to play sports is really something I am proud to do!!!  Here’s to another fabulous year!!


One comment

  1. Where do you find the time to coach and support 4 kids at Baseball?
    Great to see how the girls are growing up. Is that Hannah on the end?
    Best of luck to all kids in the upcoming ball season.
    Love Auntie Katie
    PS Love reading your Blog and keeping up to date on the family outings.

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