This rest and relaxation is hard work. . .

June 3, 2009

It has been too long!!!  You would think that since I am currently on a leave from work that I would have more time, not less, for things like scrapping and blogging!!!!  Not so!!!  Since I am supposed to be using the time to get healthy I have been busy hiking and getting active, trying to eat healthy and generally just taking it easy!!

So now I am playing catch up on my scrapping, and spending lots of time outdoors!!  I have set a goal to hike as many of the trails in the Capital Region (in and around Victoria, BC) as I can!  My first day I climbed Mill Hill – which really is a pretty big hill ( 30 minutes straight up!!!)

It has a fabulous view of the Esquimalt Harbour, but the best part of my first solo hiking adventure was this:



Not every day that you see a llama on a hike in suburban Victoria!!  I thought it was hilarious, and knew the kids would love to see  what I saw!!!  Not that the view wasn’t fabulous:



It was a great day!  More to come – and I have actually got to my scraproom – so watch for some new layouts, too!!!


One comment

  1. Great pictures Jacquelin!!! Just keep getting better ((((HUGS))))

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