A Bug’s Life

August 23, 2009


BEN plus BUGS equals FUN!  While sitting on the dock yesterday a mayfly decided Ben was a great place to stop for a rest!  I was so glad I had my camera!  You can tell by his expression how much he enjoyed being a bug reststop!!!!

We are having a relaxing and restful time at the cabin, its warm and sunny, without the intense heat of the early part of summer.  We are playing lots of cards – Cribbage, Egyptian Rattlesnakes, Go Fish and Uno are the top picks right now, with the adults playing cutthroat games of  Hearts into the late evening!


I can feel the summer season slipping away – the sun is setting earlier, it is cooler at night and I can already feel myself thinking ahead to the fall.  I am purposefully trying to stay in the summer mode – we still have two weeks before school begins and I want to make the most of it.  We are so lucky to be able to have such a long period of concentrated time as a family and I want to savour it!  I think I will take a lesson from Hannah on this one!




  1. What a wonderful picture of Hanna. How long has it been since you had the absolute joy of jumping in the lake, J? I remember that feeling, pure fun! It’s a great shot.

  2. Amazing photos Jacquelin — I can’t get over how much Emily has grown up! You will have to bring them in the store one day for a visit. Enjoy your final two weeks before the kids are back in school. (((HUGS)))

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